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Apply for Free & Reduced School Meal Program 

To apply online, click Online Meal Applications. Email Carmen Acosta at or telephone (951) 253-7020 during regular business hours for more information. 

Student Password Changes

Student passwords for the Portal have changed. Please see below for the new password format. 

NEW Default Student Password Format = 8 digit birthdate

Example: Jeff Smith born January 1st, 2001 = 01012001

Online Registration

At this time, you may log into Online Registration through the portal to update your annual registration. Student accounts cannot be used to access Online Registration, a parent account is required.

Creating a Parent Account?

Click here to create a parent account using an Activation Key (GUID) obtained from a school.

Security Preferences/Questions

All Portal Users must enter in the Security Preferences (8 like images, 8 dislike images, and a valid email address). This process can only be skipped 3 times before it won't allow you to proceed into the portal without completing. This is a part of a Self-Reset Password Feature that allows Portal users to recover forgotten passwords by correctly choosing their eight Dislike and Like security images and having a valid email address.

All Portal Users are required to update Security Preferences.

Problems Logging In / Don't Have a Portal Account?

You can contact your student's school site to have a password reset or to obtain a GUID (Activation Key) needed to create a parent account. 


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